Holidays ~ steady, ready, go!!

Salta. That was my starting point. It seems that Salta is there for me, whenever I don´t know where to go. And it always inspires me.
My first mission was chilling out. Oh yes, for those who don´t know me, I had gone through very stressful times before leaving. So I needed to rest, relax, unwind and all the related words.
I spent those days just wandering in the city, visiting my favorites places, discovering new ones. Strange feeling. Being on vacation but thinking about where to go as if my holidays hadn´t started yet.


These are some of my favorite spots:


I spent two days in Salta but I still needed more time before hitting the road …

See more pictures of Salta


2 thoughts on “Holidays ~ steady, ready, go!!

  1. so gorgeous these photos are .. beautiful, i so know that feeling.. being exactly where you need to be , ( a vacation ) but searching for where you want and need to go ..
    beautiful ellen~xxxx

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