Holidays ~ quest for peace

I live in a large city with all that it comprises: noise, traffic, rush, crowds, a mayhem. Even though Salta is smaller, it´s still a city. And I needed some quiet. Landscape. The sound of the wind, birds, a stream of water.

So I grabbed my bag and hopped on the first bus that took me out of there.

I ended up in Termas de Reyes (Jujuy-Argentina). It´s a resort in the middle of the mountains. I wasn´t sure if I could afford it, I travel on a shoestring and this was way out of my budget. But it was my birthday. And the place seemed perfect. So it was my birthday present. From me. To me.

Those days of pure leisure were what I needed. Silence, that too. My mind was finally at rest. I slowed down. I recharged my batteries. I was in touch with nature and yet I had all my creature comforts. The best of both worlds I think.

When I left the resort, my trip really started. I had an idea as to where to go, those places I wanted to see with my own eyes, that I had to skip in previous visits. I knew it was going to be fun.

Click here to see more pictures


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