Holidays ~ to err is human


One thing you should know about me: I can be very absentminded. I was at the bus station. I had decided to go to Tilcara. I asked the ticket seller when the next but to Purmamarca was due and she said it was that yellow bus that was leaving the platform. I ran to catch it, paid the ticket, found a free seat and suddenly, it downed on me: Purmamarca??

And that´s how I went to Purmamarca instead of Tilcara.

I had been there before, back in 2005. Still a small town but totally changed. Ever since UNESCO declared it World Heritage, investors have been buying lands to build fancy hotels, shops, restaurants. The main square remained the same, those colorful streets full of vendors selling indigenous handicrafts such as weavings, instruments, knitted goods and more. But there were lots of new stores too, with crafts priced in dollars and euros. That says a lot.

 Of course, the Mountain of the Seven Colors, Purmamarca´s trademark was sort of ignoring those changes. Funny to be asked several times if I knew where the mountain was. Funny because you can´t not see it!! It´s huge!! So I couldn´t help smiling when I said “right in front of your eyes!!”.

 I spent the night in Purmamarca just to visit the salt flats the following day.


4 thoughts on “Holidays ~ to err is human

  1. Ellen , i simply utterly adore you .. you remind me of me so much its not even funny
    a great read , and gorgeous pics as always. .but you so make me laugh ~
    and what a great thing.. if we cant laugh at ourselves, then what is the point ~? LOL
    hahaha love you!! xo

    • If we couldn´t laugh at ourselves, I guess we´ll be really fried!!!
      Let´s make a toast to laughter!! Cheers!!
      Happy to hear you enjoyed the reading and pictures … sorry to know that you can be as quirk as I´m LOL
      Love you too Kel!!

  2. You are a true adventurer Ellen! Perhaps Fate had a say in your “error” because you certainly didn’t go wrong visiting here; it is gorgeous! Your photos are excellent and because you took a variety of pictures and on many topics we get a nice overall feel for the place, so thank you! I like that your humour and sense of whimsy shines through in your photos 🙂

    I can’t believe that mountain! What cool formations. And such a quaint little town!

    Thanks for the journey; a nice break from chores 🙂


    • You are welcome Ali !!! I´m happy you traveled with me to this little town with huge colorful mountains!! I guess this trip was mostly about fate, chance, serendipity, which by the way is a word I do love. And thanks for stopping by!!! xoxoxox

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