life ~ as old as the hills, as good as new

For some time now I´ve been reading about Chinese Medicine. I find it quite interesting since it sees the body as a whole, gives an important role to what we eat and how we live, how we stress our bodies and minds. One thing leads to the other, I found myself reading about digitopuncture, Gi Kong and Tai Chi among other things.

Tai Chi really fascinated me. A series of slow, relaxed, graceful movements, each flowing into the next. The body in constant motion. The mind  focusing, putting aside distracting thoughts. I saw people practicing it in parks. Some people reminded me of birds flying, others of ballet dancers. I always stared at them, in owe sometimes.

So this year, I decided to give it a try …

taichi (Small Animated Bodyshot)And I´m taking up Tai Chi lessons!!


3 thoughts on “life ~ as old as the hills, as good as new

  1. Good on you! It’s not similar physically, but when in Australia I found surfing had a similar mental effect – the environment is constantly changing and you end up totally ‘in the moment’. All the hassle of work and deadlines and time just fade away while you wait to see what the next line of swell is going to be like.

    It’s been hard to replicate that escape in London, but I imagine it’s a bit like what the mental sensation of Tai Chi would be like. Be sure to keep us updated how it goes!

  2. I guess that´s the idea, and it´s sort of what I´m looking for. To be present when things happen, not just enjoying the memory or just enjoying the plan, if not enjoying the moment, while it´s happening.

    I´ll keep you posted!! If one day I dare to try surfing, I´ll let you know too !! :))

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