Holidays ~ the salt of the earth

I woke up very early, determined to find a group of three who wanted to come with me to the salt flats. Why three? because even if you beg, the drivers only start the car if they find a group of four. Not two, not five. Four.

So I let the drivers know what I was up to in case they found three people first. And went to the market, asked those who looked like tourists, asked those who didn´t look like tourists but might be undercover, asked everybody!! Finally, I found one Argentinean girl with her Italian boyfriend and a Canadian girl they had met on the road and … up we went!!
 Hard to describe the place, I´ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Back in Purmamarca, we had a late lunch together, shared stories, recommended places to visit and then said our goodbyes, wished each other luck and exchanged emails to share the pictures we had taken together.

When it was getting dark, I hopped on another bus. Next stop: Humahuaca.






8 thoughts on “Holidays ~ the salt of the earth

  1. absolutely throughly enjoyed this journey !!! the pics speak so much,and one trip i would have loved to have been on with you!!! we must go on one together, LOL i think we’d never stop shooting and we’d get lost.. and we ‘d laugh and laugh ~~ great work ellen!!

    • ever since I came back, every time I see a salt jar on a table, the imagines of the salt flats come to my mind … it´s so magical!! if you ever have the chance don´t think it twice, it´s totally worth it!!

  2. Beautiful photos of the salt flats. What country are you in right now?
    I like your story about finding three mates to share the ride with. I notice that has to be the case in other countries too. The drivers will charge you more if you’re traveling solo or a duo. I don’t understand that.

    • Glad you liked them! I´m in Argentina right now. The Northern region of Argentina is very poor and people try to get the most of it. It´s not profitable for them to drive just one person if the vehicle has more seats available. That´s their reasoning. But it´s also easy to find people who are willing to share a car with you. We are all in the same boat 🙂

    • Oh … my holidays are over now. I traveled in September. Thing is I had another blog and erased that account in October, when I came back, and it took me all this time to find a new place to post my stories again. I´ll be out again in April I guess but as usual, I don´t know where I´ll go LOL
      The country, that´s a difficult one. I guess that it has to do with decades of dictatorships, followed by a fragile democracy that is not still fully developed and of course, global economic crisis.

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