friends ~ same lens different eyes

The week I was going on holidays, my camera got mixed with a pear inside my city backpack, nice salad of pixels and fruits. Having it fixed, besides being excessively expensive, almost the price of a new one, took 2 weeks. And I was leaving in days! I was really sad and upset and penniless but I couldn´t imagine going on vacation without a camera. So I checked on the Internet, found an affordable one and bought it with my credit card. Didn´t have time to try it and had to make friends with her on the road.

When I came back home I decided to sell it. Don´t get me wrong. I´m truly grateful of having had her with me during my holidays. All the pictures you see in my “Holidays ~ ” blogs were taken with that camera, I couldn´t have shared what I saw if it hadn´t been for her. But as good as she is, she lacks the two or three features I´m used to.

Anyway, she was my faithful companion for weeks and I loved her in spite of her flaws. So the thought of selling her to an unknown buyer kind of broke my heart. I know it sounds ridiculous, who cares who buys your camera as long as they pay for it? But I care, quirky me.

Finally, over a week ago, a friend of mine, a very sensitive soul, told me he wanted to buy his first camera. I was very happy because I knew it was something that he´d really enjoy, that he´d learn the ropes, that he´d discover a new world through the lens. And that she´d be in good loving hands.

Yesterday, my friend sent me his first Nikon baby steps (that was my suggestion for the name of the album) and I was blissfully happy to see the results. He is having fun, learning fast and taking fabulous pictures!

This is one of my favorites:

"saying goodbye" by Santiago

My camera is in good hands, don´t you think? And my friend is truly happy. Couldn´t ask for more!!


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