Holidays ~ a happy bunch


This is confusing so extra attention is needed. I wanted to go to San Isidro in Salta. In order to do so I needed to go to Humahuaca (Jujuy) first and take a bus to Iruya (Salta) and then walk over 10 km (or 6.21 miles according to the converter) to go to San Isidro (Salta), which is at about 4000 m above sea level (or 13.123 feet according to the converter).

From the salt flats to Humahuaca. Done. From Humahuaca to Iruya. Not done because there are only two buses in the morning. A night in Humahuaca was mandatory. Not a big deal, it´s a beautiful town.

First things first, I looked for a place to sleep and went straight to Churita´s house (a lovely woman I had met years ago that rented beds for the night) but she wasn´t in. So I ended up in a nice hostel where I took a long and well deserved shower. I was salt-free.

I went to walk around and when my stomach was growling, I came back to the hostel. There were two girls talking to the receptionist, asking about Iruya. I joined them offering all the information I had gathered at the terminal and we ended up having pizza at the hostel´s restaurant. The receptionist was the cook so after being served, he sat at our table together with a couple from New Zealand and an Argentinean guy that had met them on the road. A crowded table, lots of stories were shared, we had a good laugh while having beer.

The following morning I woke up early, had my breakfast and went for a short walk before hopping on another bus. A girl that was having breakfast too asked me if she could come with me and we went around taking pictures while sharing travel tips.

Long story short, all of us went to Iruya together. We should have rented a private truck !! It was really fun.


6 thoughts on “Holidays ~ a happy bunch

  1. Hi, thanks for letting me know your where abouts!

    I adore your photos, I’d like to swim into each one, enjoy the light and warmth.

    We’ve had too much snow in Helsinki, almost 1 meter, and the winter seems so long….

  2. What a nice surprise to see you here!!! thanks for following me in this new blog!! I´ve heard it´s pretty cold right now, hope the pictures can give you at least a sense of warmth. They were taken in September, in the Northern region of Argentina. It´s pretty hot at that time of the year but with pleasant colder nights.

  3. Great photos! I wouldn’t be surprised if someone asked to use them in travel brochures!
    It sounds like fun to meet with people and then travel with them on the spur of the moment. It’s these encounters that make travelling worthwhile!
    Those sculptures on the church are very disturbing; I wonder what the history is behind them?
    Thanks Ellen! Happy Trails 🙂

    • Thanks Ali !! I´d be happy if someone wanted to include them 🙂 Those sculptures, TOTALLY disturbing for lack of a better word. And everybody had the same feeling, without being able to find the right words to describe it. I asked about the story but nobody knew. Yes, it was fun to travel with that group !! Thanks for stopping by!!!

    • You know, I´m kind of shy when it comes to shooting at people, I feel that I´m invading their privacy somehow. Sometimes, I see those old old women, with those faces that look like carved wood, that you feel you could read the story through those wrinkles as if they were the circles of a tree trunk and I´m tempted to ask for permision but I rarely do it. So it´s not easy for me but I´m learning to be more relaxed. Glad you liked the pictures!! Thanks for stopping by and travel with me for a bit!!

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