a thought ~ do you believe in signs?

I saw a statue with wings










I saw these birds right before they flew





I saw the guy walking and one pigeon was still while the other flew








I saw the old hopscotch,  heaven









I saw people practicing Tai Chi, trying to fly.


I saw all those things, and the word “flying” kept coming to my mind.

And I was wondering why, what it meant.

Is it a metaphor? Is it about freedom soaring into life ? About the desire of it? or is it about my own need of meaning? Are they signs of some sort?

Or was it just a pigeon, a bird, a statue, some people?





6 thoughts on “a thought ~ do you believe in signs?

  1. I believe all those things are just what you want them to be.
    Your eyes pick up the wishes and desires of your heart, the secrets of your soul. Your eyes give a name to those things.
    To fly.

    To know how to fly is the same thing as to have dreams, hopes, wishes. It tells about the lust of life, I think.

    • Yes, they can be what they actually are or they can be what I want them to be. Reality is subjective after all, it´s all about perception. And I guess I´m a sinner too … lust of life … what a beautiful way of putting it ! thanks!!!

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