Holidays ~ up in the mountains

After a three-hour drive for that zigzagging road, getting to Iruya was a well deserved reward. Some of us were going to stay the night and some were going to come back to Humahuaca in the afternoon. Iruya. What can I say? It´s simply beautiful.

The Spanish girls and me went looking for a place to stay the night. The girl who came with me for an early walk in Humahuaca joined us but she was coming back in the evening. The  New Zealanders and the Argentinean guy got lost in the little town, trying to make good use of the few hours they had to get to know Iruya.

The houses on the slope of the mountain were really wonderful but oh my! you had to climb at a 45- degree angle streets to get from one place to the other . We had checked some hostels and were really tired of walking at such a high altitude with our backpacks that felt so heavy but we had to find a place before anything.

We asked a girl who we met in the street and she recommended us a sort of B&B she was staying in. Very humble but with an incredible beautiful terrace that overviewed the mountains. We were very happy about having found such a wonderful place. We got rid of our heavy backpacks and went for a walk. Well, not entirely true. We went for lunch first!!

Then we got lost in the streets. We walked for a while, made some inquires as to how to get to San Isidro the following day and returned to the B&B. But we were craving for a good cup of coffee. It was getting pretty cold. We tried to find a coffee shop or a bar but found none. Finally, we knock on a door that had a sign that read “cat food” just to ask about where to find a place for a coffee. To our surprise, an old lady opened the door and invited us in. It was a coffee-house!! in spite of the sign outside.

We had an incredible evening. That old woman was truly amazing. She was such a young spirit!! we chatted for hours about a variety of subjects. We didn´t want to leave!! but we had to. We had to get up really early for our walk.

Back in the B&B we met the other passengers. Two couples from Spain and a couple from Israel (the girl that had rescued us when looking for a place to stay). We shared stories, beers, and laughs. They were going to San Isidro too but in the afternoon while we were going very early in the morning to be able to catch the last bus to Humahuaca.

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