Holidays ~ jumping with style

We set off very early. Our plan was to be back in Iruya before noon, avoiding the worse hours (the hottest) in the sun. We bought some fruit, lot of water, and off we went.

We had to follow the riverbed, that was our only instruction but the river was zigzagging and it was hard to see which way to go at times. So we jumped from rock to rock right left right left all the way up to San Isidro.

The Spanish girls made fun of me because I slipped on a rock and although no harm was done, my sneakers got wet and from that point on I just crossed the streams without bothering to jump. What was the point? They were already wet!!

They also divided my rock jumping into categories and made a drawing illustrating my different styles. Style one, staring at a rock on one foot and then a series of quick jumps. Style two, staring, balancing and jumping with my arms open as if I were to fly. Style three, ignoring the rocks and crossing the stream, water to my knees.

It was really fun and we enjoyed the hike very much. On our way back we ran into the rest of the group and gave them instructions like real pros.

We got back to Iruya just in time to catch the last bus to Humahuaca.


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