friends ~ written on a spiral notebook

I´m not sure if people still write down a list of resolutions each year. I´ve done it in the past and I´ve done it this year. In fact, my list comes in the form of a “fun notebook” that I always carry with me. My “fun notebook” is where I jot down ideas, or thoughts, or things that cross my mind for no reason but that later on have some meaning (or not). Or places I want to check. Or things I´d love to do. Or a good phrase that I hear or that I make up while on a bus. That sort of things.
spiral notebook

On January 1st my friend Ellen and I had this conversation about plans, expectations, hopes, wishes and how crazy it was to think that from December 31st to January 1st something can change, crazy to think that that night was a turning point of some sort. And about how fun it was to write the list of resolutions anyway. And what we had included on it. 

One thing leads to another and we found ourselves talking about photography, an item on our list. She always says that I´ve been an inspiration in her life and that if she got interested in photography it was because of me. She paints, she is really good at it. And painting is a visual art. So it´s not difficult to go from painting to photography since both forms of art share the same principles. It´s all about light and composition and emotions and messages.

I was mentioning that I had some photo projects in mind and she said it would be fun if we started one together. I closed the deal without even knowing what it was going to be about. I love projects. So she said we could go “scavenger hunting” and find 10 items in our city every week. We would choose 5 items each every Sunday and then upload them in a shared album, one next to the other. US item vs BA item.

This is week 2 and it´s been really fun so far. And there is a plus. Not only do we share photos but also experiences. We learn a lot about cultural differences and similarities. We discuss a number of topics that we may not have discussed if it weren´t for the project. And last but not least, it encourages us to explore new things expanding our horizons. I guess we couldn´t ask for more.

These are some of the items:


4 thoughts on “friends ~ written on a spiral notebook

  1. I love the person with a hat picture! Such great color. 🙂 I want to see your friend’s pictures too… so I can see the comparison! is she posting hers also?

    • She is not posting here but I can ask her permission to post hers together with mine in my blog. She has a Facebook account but I don´t know if it´s for all public or only friend. I´ll check it!!

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