Holidays ~ gathering


We were back in Humahuaca and I had some decisions to make. I wanted to go to Uyuni. I needed to go to the frontier, cross the border and catch a train in Bolivia. But I had a day in between since there weren´t daily departures.

Where to spend that day? I could stay in Humahuaca (that was a wise choice, I was nearer the border) or I could go somewhere else. The Spanish girls were going to Tilcara (the place I meant to go but didn´t because I took the wrong bus).

I finally decided to join the girls. The Israeli woman and the Spanish couple we had met in Iruya had recommended us a place to stay in Tilcara. I went to find out if they had rooms and the girls went to buy a ticket for the following day. They were going to the salt flats.

The hostel was perfect, it had a beautiful yard with a beautiful view of  the mountains and very comfortable hammocks to see the sunset. The girl who had breakfast with me in Humahuaca and then came to Iruya was there. By the way, her name is Nati. She was making pizzas and empanadas for the other guests so I joined them. And then the Spanish girls.

Once again, we were a happy bunch. Nati had plans for the following day with two other girls she had met at the hostel, a hike to a place called “Garganta del Diablo”. I had never been there so I said “I´m in”. It was going to be fun!

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