a thought ~ who likes Mondays? I keep asking myself

I wanted to sleep in

sleeping (Large Animated Bodyshot)

But no oh no, I had to go work.

It was raining …



I went to work in the rain. I didn´t have an umbrella

Got to the office to find … chaos!! and dust!! and I thought “why didn´t I stay home?”

the repair men didn´t cover the computers when fixing the ceiling ... dust every where, everything upside down


12 hours later, inhaling dust, my clothes dirty, no real work done,  I´m still wondering … why didn´t I stay home?

4 thoughts on “a thought ~ who likes Mondays? I keep asking myself

  1. Yup. You should have stayed in bed……

    Sorry to hear that your Monday was not so good. Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow you will stay in bed. Because it may still be raining and you still don’t have an umbrella and the office will still be a mess. Wednesday you can go back to work because it will not be rainy and the office will have been cleaned up a bit by then. And then it is only 3 days until the weekend. We can call this a plan.

    PS: It’s a wonder that those workmen were ever hired again. They should have anticipated debris from the tiles coming down….computers are expensive.

    Have a great week, Ellen!

    • I like your plan … I must say it was my today´s fantasy … I had an argument with the person in charge of the repairs, we had five new brand computers for five new users plus our own computers plus external disks and a server. But nobody seems to care. Before leaving today, I covered everything with plastic bags and tomorrow there will be more dirt to clean. And I wish my alarm clock would die tonight LOL but I went hunting after work, that lifted my spirit and I got my glass ceiling … too different from the office ceiling … I´ll email you the picture!!!! Have a great week you too Ali!!

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