Holidays ~ Devil´s throat

New day new adventure. My Spanish new friends left early in the morning. I was gonna miss them. We hugged and said “see you later” knowing that maybe we won´t see each other again for a long time. I had breakfast with Nati and two other girls that were coming to Garganta del Diablo. Tati and Daniela.

We left the hostel and went to buy water for the journey and some snacks. The girls were easy-going and we made friends easily. I was telling Daniela that I had been bitten by a dog some months ago and that even when I´m a dog lover, I couldn´t help feeling uncomfortable in their presence ever since. As soon as I said it, two dogs started following us. All of them were dog lovers and they didn´t mind their company. I was sort of reluctant? but as long as they didn´t come too close to me, I was fine.

But then other dogs showed up and they started to fight. Nati went in their help, it was all shouting and barking and biting . And me, well, didn´t want to get in between. Finally, when the dogs that attacked the other dogs that were walking with us left, those two dogs didn´t leave us alone and came all the way with us.

So, afraid or not, I had to share the journey with the girls and the dogs.

These are some pictures of the journey. I´ll let them speak by themselves.

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2 thoughts on “Holidays ~ Devil´s throat

  1. It is great that you met fun people along the way. It makes such a big difference! But the dogs are crazy! Hopefully you will soon be at ease with them again. And wow, what lovely photos!

    • I was feeling better about dogs after that incident with the dog in Colon. But then another dog attacked me in Bolivia this September and it started all over again, the feeling. And it is really bad, because I don´t explore places the way I used to, there is always an element of fear. Dogs are everywhere I go. It´s not the same anymore.
      Thanks for stopping by Ali !!

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