life ~ a day without

The other day I was talking to my new boss about the problems we had to face daily in the department. I said that the big fish didn´t understand the importance of our area, didn´t understand that if we really wanted to, we could shut down the company for a whole day. By the way, it´s IT.

He said he worked for a company where they had a “day without”. That day, all the areas of the company met. The idea was to simulate a scenario in which one area didn´t work for a day and the others did. “What would happen if”. The main aims were to raise awareness, to help people understand that each area has a vital role and that one can´t work without the other.

I thought it was a good idea and that we should include it in our monthly report as a suggestion. But I added that it would be more interesting to actually act it out instead of just pretending. And see how it feels for real.

Anyway, without even planning it, we had our “day without”. Without Internet. Not just the company where I work if not the entire city. One of the major Internet providers left the city “in darkness”.

I am not gonna mention the amount of calls I had to answer today. They were a lot but that´s an understatement. We had two meetings that overlapped because people came earlier since they didn´t have Internet at their offices and didn´t know what to do. They couldn´t do their work without it . I was lost most of the day. I needed to find information and didn´t know how to find it easily without Internet.

 When home, well, no Internet either. So I read a book, did the dishes, went to the laundry, visited my parents, went for a long walk, took some pictures, made dinner, watched a DVD and then the service was restored and I checked my mails, read my favorite blogs, and now I´m posting this blog. And I thought of all the things I had done today just because I didn´t have Internet. And it kept me thinking, of the hours I spend during a day in front of a screen and the things that sometimes miss because I cannot leave my eyes off the screen.

All in all, it was a good experience ” a day without Internet” because I realized how much I rely on it for almost every single thing I do daily, finding a recipe for dinner, checking what bus to take from point A to B, movies, restaurants, art shows, etc. I also realized of how many things I don´t do because of it.

Here´s some pictures I took on my way.


Am I an Internet addict??


5 thoughts on “life ~ a day without

  1. I don’t know about you, but I am DEFINITELY an Internet addict! If I’m not at my computer, I’ll be reading email or checking something on my phone. Sometimes I force myself to take a day off – not switch on my computer, leave my phone in my bag. As you say it’s amazing all the things that one does, when one isn’t spending hours online.

    That experiment of shutting down your department for a day, sounds interesting. If it ever happens please post an update!

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