friends ~ being blind

Almost two years ago some old schoolmates contacted me in Facebook. I´m always in two minds about Facebook. My theory is that what is in the past, it´s in the past for a reason. It´s not that I didn´t love my schoolmates. I have the best memories of those years. Really. It´s that in 35 years’ time people change. We were 12 year olds when we last saw each other.

But they wanted to see me and I –very reluctantly- went to that first meeting. There were just 4 of them, the ones that were close to me in those years. And we had a great time. It was like if all these years hadn´t gone by. It was easy to reconnect.

Now, two years later, I´m still in touch with three of them and I´m really happy that they are in my life. They turned out to be fabulous grownups. And they got to know me and accept me and my quirky moods. Well, this is a two-way street since I welcomed them into my life just the way they are.

Their acceptance includes that I can be talking to them and all of a sudden I grab my camera and I say “don´t move” and I shoot. Just like the other day when one of them came over for a coffee to talk about some issues that were getting on her nerves. In the middle of our conversation I made her stay put and go blind (according to her) just to take a picture because I liked the light. And because it was a pun, difficult to translate into English as most puns but let´s say that the Spanish word for “to be screwy” is striped and she was literally “striped/screwy”.

They didn´t mean to be picturse of artistic value, they were meant to be a joke but everybody liked them.

I guess that friendships that are based on true connections are meant to last. I cannot say what bonded us in the past. We were little kids, and kids bond easily unlike adults. But there must have been something more than just being kids in the same school. And I´m happy for that.

6 thoughts on “friends ~ being blind

  1. I know what you mean about rarely going back to places or things you’ve left. I also like to keep my good memories intact.

    I think children are quite intuitive when it comes to figuring out who is a good person, and who they like to be with. It’s made me wonder which of my childhood friends I’d still be friends with today.

    The striped photographs are really interesting!

  2. I hear you… I’ve been posting my photos on Facebook and lots of people have contacted me from my past. I think it’s kind of cool though. I love these pictures of your friend with the stripes. They are beautiful. You are very good with your little point and shoot. 🙂 I am CRAVING a trip somewhere I’ve never been. Maybe one day I can meet you in South America somewhere!!

    • Thanks!! Glad you liked them!! You´ll love Southamerica !! I still have some places I do want to visit like Machu Pichu in Peru. I was sooo close but I had no extra days, I had to find my way back to Buenos Aires (I had no idea how to come back in two days LOL). If you ever come, let me know!!

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