Holidays ~ Til Til Tilcara

After the hike, I decided to walk around Tilcara. It´s really a beautiful city, very colorful and cheerful.

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Once in the hostel the girls and I talked about what we had done after the hike. I was telling Tati about my plans for the following day. Go to La Quiaca, cross the border and catch the train to Uyuni. Tati loved the idea but she wanted to spend another day in Tilcara. Then Javi and Erika joined us in the hammocks and I mentioned them my plans too. Erika had that look in the face, that look that says “I want in” . You could read it on her forehead. And Javi started asking lot of questions about it. Then a guy from North Africa joined us and said he had been there and how much he had enjoyed the trip.

In less than an hour Javi, Erika and Tati had decided to go with me, the only thing was they wanted to stay in Tilcara one more day . So I agreed to wait for them. I had some places to see too so it was not a big sacrifice.


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