life ~ he loves me he loves me not

It´s been a month now.

She doesn´t  even live in my building.

It´s the building across the street.

I heard her the first time, shouting.

“Sinner, you are a sinner. You cheated on me. I hate you. You and your whore”

And the story repeats since then. I hear the same argument, over and over again. She is on the phone. It seems he hangs up. I hear her shouting again. Saying “I´m not shouting, I´m just telling you”.

And I hear all from my balcony, where I´m supposed to relax after a long day. And I feel like shouting too. Please, get over it. It´s been a month. Get over it and stop shouting.

And I cannot understand. If they are shouting, they hear each other perfectly well. Why can´t they listen to each other instead?


4 thoughts on “life ~ he loves me he loves me not

  1. Ah…were it so easy to untangle ones self from these situations. I would be thinking the same thing as you normally – why can’t they just let go or why can’t they listen to each other. Sometimes, fear and preconceived thoughts rear itself ahead of anything and fills the mind though. It colors everything the other person says and you interpret everything your way. When trust is broken – the most difficult thing is to listen.

    • True and I understand the shouting and not listening as a first reaction. You are hurt and you don´t use your mind to think, you use your heart. But then days go by and your mind clears. Of course, I don´t know the woman and I don´t know the story behind. All I know is what I hear from my balcony and it´s just seems odd to me that a person doesn´t change a word of what they say in a whole month. It´s like a broken recorder.

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