Holidays ~ Pucará

My last day in Tilcara. There is one place I particularly love: the Pucará. It´s an indian construction at the top of a low mountain from where you can see the whole area.  It´s partly reconstructed and every time I go I have this feeling of timelessness. I walk aimlessly through the site, picturing myself as a native living that simple life. Utter silence. Peacefulness. It feels really good. And I do wish I could stay longer but there comes this guard that says “lady, we are about to close”.

I didn´t want to leave but I had to. I had a second gift though. I found this coffee shop where I could enjoy a semi private concert while having my coffee. It was so magical … one of those moments you treasure for ever.

After this wonderful day, I came back to the hostel and had dinner with my “followers”. We were all very excited. Our Bolivian adventure was to start.

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