friends ~ little actions

A long time ago a friend of mine was in trouble. Nothing serious but she didn´t know what to do. So I listened and asked her a series of questions as regards her problem. All of a sudden she said “got it! Thanks”. I hadn´t offered a piece of advice, I hadn´t found the solution, yet she thanked me. Years later, she was in trouble again and she came to me. Once again, I listened, asked her questions and she was the one that found a solution. And she thanked me again.

When we finished our studies, I didn´t see her again. Nothing in particular, just life I guess. It´s been more than 20 years since the last time we saw each other.

The other day I ran into her. It was a nice surprise! We didn´t have time to go for a coffee or something so we chatted in the street and tried to catch up in half an hour. She asked me what I was doing and was surprised to learn  that I was working for a company and that I hadn´t pursued any field related to our initial studies. She said that she always remembered me and had imagined that I had gone into psychology or counseling or something like this.

I asked her why and she said she always referred to me as “her Socrates”, the girl who always guided her to find an answer on her own instead of giving it to her. She said that I had helped her more than any other person because she had learnt how to ask herself the right question and had profited from that skill throughout her life.



Imagine my surprise!! I didn´t know what to say. We waved goodbye. I took the subway and I couldn´t help but thinking about our little actions. And how our little actions can do either harm or good to a person without us being aware of it. . I never thought at the time that I was giving somebody a long-lasting lesson. I´m just glad that my little actions had a positive outcome and not the other way around.

8 thoughts on “friends ~ little actions

  1. It’s nice to learn these things. right? Sometimes I write messages on my FB or posts on my blog and I get private messages from friends/strangers telling me how I’ve inspired them – which surprises me. I write about personal thoughts and experiences mostly and don’t think how it could affect others at the time I write. It is nice to know though that it has good effects even when inadvertent.

  2. Thank you for the post on my blog! I have been looking around yours and I think its great! It was lovely to look at your pictures, and I love this post about the effect you have on others without knowing. It makes you consider your actions towards other people and the effect they have had on your own life 😀

  3. That’s such a cool story! Since my recent move to London I’ve had a couple of ‘low’ moments (homesickness, family things going on while I’m away etc) and one time it was just a simple SMS that made a huge difference in my frame of mind. There’s no way to properly explain to that friend how meaningful it was, but it just ‘clicked’ in my head! Maybe I’ll run into them in 20 years and be able to let them know!

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