Holidays ~ the Bolivian adventure

We were all very excited about going to Uyuni and chatted cheerfully while having breakfast. Tati, Erika, Javi and me were all ready to go!!

We took a bus to La Quiaca and Javi and Erika ran into Julian, a Canadian guy they had met in Salta. Julián was going to Uyuni too but instead of taking the train he was going by bus and not to Uyuni if not to Tupiza.

He asked us why we were going to take the train and all the guys pointed in my direction, as if I were the one with the answers. I said it was because I liked trains. Julián tried to convince us to change plans and -again- my group expected me to make the right decision.

I said “We´ll see. We have time to decide”.

We crossed the border at noon. We had three hours before departure so we went to get something to eat. Julian asked me again about Tupiza and I said let´s go to the bus station and find out.

But when we were at the bus station, the bus was about to leave, there was no much time to make up my mind so I said “let´s go to Tupiza” and so we did!

Thing is that you can start the circuit from Uyuni to Tupiza and the other way around. So it didn´t really matter where to start so … why not??

And that´s why we ended up in Tupiza. Our Bolivian adventure had just started.

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2 thoughts on “Holidays ~ the Bolivian adventure

  1. What fun to have the freedom to go wherever the wind takes you!
    And meeting interesting people along the way makes it so much better. I like the look of that pasta dish! And the green walls and red tablecloth make that restaurant look so cozy and casual!

    • Ah Ali you cannot imagine how much I appreciate that feeling of freedom, it´s what I like the most about being on vacation!! and yes, meeting interesting people is a big plus!! That restaurant was an adventure in itself, even though we are supposed to speak the same language, we couldn´t understand what we were about to eat LOL so every dish was a surprise LOL

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