a thought ~ no kidding! Monday again?

Meez Name (Large Animated Bodyshot)

I have three hours a month that are considered private time. Not much. I´ve heard there are companies that give you a day. A whole day. I just have three hours.  A month. 😦

And it´s Monday. And I´m trying to find a way to make Mondays more bearable. Today, I´m making use of those three hours so I´ll be home by noon and I´ll lay on my couch with the AC on and I´ll be lazy, pretending it´s a Saturday.

Let´s see if I can survive another Monday!!


2 thoughts on “a thought ~ no kidding! Monday again?

  1. you can do it ellen , i did .. kinda .. sorta .. 😦 ugh .. well… lol
    love you .. i will write you when i get back from vegas and back to canada ok ?? i know i’ve gotten way behind on everything..

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