a thought ~ Fridays steal my days

Monday again. My so not favorite day of the week. It´s the day that everybody at work makes comments like “five days to Friday” or “when is it Friday again?” or “I wish it were Friday”.

It seems that everybody is looking forward to Friday. Friday is the happy day. Friday is the savior. Friday is a relief. Friday is TGTIF.

And here is the thing. When my coworkers say they wish it were Friday I, me, moi, the very same person that is universally known as the one that hates Mondays, say “I´m happy it is not Friday” and I get a weird look every time I say it. Because it seems that people go through the week just wishing it were Friday without realizing that the more Fridays we get the faster time goes by.

And I do want to feel that I´m living every  day, not just getting rid of 6 of them and keeping Fridays. I refuse to live a life wishing it were Friday. If there is something to wish, I wish each hour at work had 10 minutes and each hour after work 120.

How about that?



4 thoughts on “a thought ~ Fridays steal my days

  1. That is a beautiful way to think. Thank you Ellen! I think you have a deep understanding of things. Especially when it is wise to try and live in the moment and find something in the now to recognize. If we are always setting our sights too far ahead, we miss what is under our noses. We only ever have the now and if that means wanting what is not, then we are in trouble and life is never in our grasp.

    Have a wonderful Monday, Ellen! and a terrific week….each and every day of it 🙂

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