friends ~ all the way to China

One thing you should know about me: I´m absentminded. Maybe I´ve told you already, really don´t remember. Anyway, absentminded me went to Chinatown on Sunday to attend the Chinese New Year celebration. Needless to say, to take some pictures too.

As luck had it, after the fifth shot my camera ran out of battery. Somehow I had forgotten to recharge it the night before and on top of that I had left the charger at home. And I don´t have a second battery. So I sobbed for a while and went around taking imaginary pictures with my eyes.

When I came back home a friend of mine dropped by. She wanted to know all about the celebrations and was excited about seeing the pictures.  I said the only thing I had to show her was a Chinese hat that I had bought at the festival. And five pics.

She saw the “sad” look on my face when I said things like “battery dead” or “no pictures”. She knows me and knows how disappointing it is for me to be in a wonderful place seeing wonderful things and not being able to share the images with my friends. 

I was in the kitchen looking for a corkscrew when I turned around and saw my friend that had put the hat on while pretending to be a Chinese lady, walking with short steps and talking with  short syllables. She said “take your camera” and posed for these pictures in such a fun way that I couldn´t help but laughing.  She said she could not make me go back in time but she could be a Chinese lady for a moment to make me laugh and wipe the sad look off my face.

And these are the type of moments that I treasure forever. We tend to talk about friendship and the big gestures, the friends that are with us while we are going through really bad times, the heroic friends that save us in times of hardship. And we somehow fail to mention with the same emphasis that friendship is about these small acts of love, like comforting a friend when sad even if the sadness is caused by something so irrelevant in the eyes of the world like a camera running out of battery in a festival.


4 thoughts on “friends ~ all the way to China

  1. I love this post! It reminded me to get back in touch with one of my awesome friends from home. I have lots of memories of the two of us cheering each other up, and getting laughs at the same time. Its definitely good to have a reminder to treasure your most lovely friends! 😀

    • Glad you liked it! I always say that my friends are my history book, each of them has a piece of my personal puzzle in case I can´t find it. Don´t forget to phone that friend of yours!!

  2. This is so special Ellen. I love it! There have been so many times when I have even ‘walked’ out the door without my camera and I have literally CRIED real tears because I see the world in frames (for real) and I can’t take any pictures!!!! David will be so sad for me….lol So dear Ellen I know exactly how you feel and these pictures are fantastic! Your friend is beautiful and it is wonderful when sad times like these turn into beautiful memories!! ❤

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