life ~ the itinerant

In the past 6 years I´ve moved 5 times,  twice last year.  Sometimes I feel like a gipsy.

I´ve had all sort of apartments. Studios, one bedroom, two bedrooms. Better buildings, worse buildings. Small kitchens, bigger kitchens.  One of my places had the most distasteful combination of colors in the bathroom. Light pink or orangish tiles,  depending on the light, with pale yellow sink, toilet and bathtub and black floor. Another apartment had a kitchen so small that in order to open the fridge, I had to step outside.

But most of them had one thing in common: natural light. This has become a conditio sine qua non.

Sometimes, I talk with people who say “but you are never home, why so important?” or “what do you need natural light for if you get home at night?” and I just smile. Sometimes I say “I need my photosynthesis”  or “the artist that lives with me paints with light”.

Of course, I get that weird look and the conversation is left at that. Truth is that I´m the kind of person that is happy with small things. And light makes me happy. Getting off the bed in the morning and seeing the rays of sun coming through the window reflecting on my table while I´m having breakfast, makes me happy. As simple as that.

And of course, the beautiful pieces of art that hang from my walls, paintings that are always changing since they are made purely of light. And the fun I have chasing them. That makes me happy too.

I may be a gipsy, but I´m an “enlightened” one.

10 thoughts on “life ~ the itinerant

  1. These shadow photos are great and I can see them framed as a set on the wall LOL!! I like the ghostly nature of them…they speak of a parallel world to ours that sometimes lightly touches ours.

    • sometimes I feel that there are several worlds, that we simply can´t perceive them because as we grow up, we lose and lose our primal instincts but if we just opened our minds a little bit, they would be there ….

  2. Ellen – I have moved 4 times in two years! And may move again soon. Argh. I just hate packing because much as I pare down stuff, I have accumulated enough to make packing burdensome. But yes – I love light and dew and the smell of mornings. That’s why I miss my province the most. It was never about possessions there, it was always about nature and family and enjoyment with the least possible things.

    • Four times!!! you can be my twin !!! It´s time to get rid of stuff!! or simply don´t unpack LOL I still have 5 boxes untouched and I think I´ll leave them there a little bit more just in case. I thinking about moving somewhere far from the city but for the time being is kind of impossible ….

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