Life ~ lightness

One of the things about living like a gipsy is that you have to “travel” light. As I never know what my next “home sweet home” is going to look like or how much space I will have, I need furniture that adapts to all kind of spaces.

I have a bed, cubes that I use as a bookshelf or an occasional table, a folding table in case somebody doesn´t feel comfortable sitting on cushions, cushions of course, and that´s about all. My theory is you don´t need much stuff to live comfortable.

But I easily get bored and arrange and rearrange the place according to the season. Or just following a whim. And I also buy or make or find somewhere small funny things to decorate, just to make the place different from the previous one.

This time, I thought that my bathroom was too serious. All blue and white, it needed colors. And this is what I found. It makes me smile every morning.

 I told you before, small things make me happy!!

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