a thought ~ can computers help us skip Mondays?

Ellencompu (Large Animated Bodyshot)

What if I change the date in my computer and skip Monday?  Do you think it can work?

Monday? again? seriously?


6 thoughts on “a thought ~ can computers help us skip Mondays?

  1. The college I teach at won’t let me skip mondays. Today is monday, and we have the day off, but on tuesday, we have to follow a monday schedule, which I think is kind of stupid. Thanks for your comment on my blog!

    • let´s find a way to convince them that if one Monday is lost, it´s bad luck to try to find it LOL I guess that there are some policies that were written long ago and nobody takes the time to change them. You are welcome on the comment! Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. You do look a little stuck in that web! Good photo choice 😉

    In Canada…I believe only Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario, we have today off. It is “Family Day”. So we are relaxing and enjoying a sunny, snowy day. But tomorrow it starts all over again.

    I hope you are enjoying your day eventhough it is called Monday. Perhaps you can call it something else for awhile and that will make it better but if you skip it in your computer then Tuesdays become really long and onerous. And then you will have to write blogs about Tuesdays. And so on and so on.

    No, probably best to just deal with Mondays or they will grow into something larger. Hey! Perhaps you can schedule a special treat for yourself on Mondays after work. That would make them more enjoyable!

    Good luck!

    • Happy family day!!! that sounds like a great opportunity to be with your family doing things together!! I hope you have fun lucky girl !!
      I won´t hate Tuesdays because that´s the only reason Mondays exist, for people not to hate Tuesdays LOL it´s not that I cannot find any fun on Mondays, it´s the fact that I don´t want to wake up and go to work again. I guess Mondays and work are closely related in my mind. I don´t know which one is worse LOL

      Thanks Ali, luck is always welcome!!!

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