friends ~ when you are not sure about the answers

Once I was browsing through a women´s magazine and I found an article about types of personality. It was one of those shallows articles with a very silly test where you have to punctuate answers and then see the result in the next page to find out you are the loving kind, the low self esteem kind or some of the kind.

One of the questions was “how would your friends describe you?” and I thought it odd since that´s the type of question you have to ask my friends, not me. How would I know?

How would I know? the question remained.

Later that day I met some friends and I mentioned this article and the question and we played this silly game of trying to describe ourselves in a few words. Silly or not, it turned into something more serious as the descriptions started to flow.

Some of them were surprised at the adjectives they got, some of them nodded in agreement when heard the descriptions, we discussed aspects of our personalities and ended up talking about some important matters.

When it was my turn (to be described) there was a moment of silence. Either I was indescribable or they were afraid to tell me something that might hurt my feelings. It was a long moment for me.

Pause. The first friend talked and used adjectives such as unconventional, rebel, somebody ventured quirky but I sensed they were trying to find a word and they couldn´t for some reason.

Finally, one of them said very seriously “you are a question mark” and we all looked at each other. Another moment of silence and then we burst with laughter, we almost choked! Thing is that they all agreed it was the best description ever.

I was never really sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing but from that moment on, every time somebody asks me to describe myself in a few words I say “I´m a question mark” and the answer always leads to a different aspect of that mark.




10 thoughts on “friends ~ when you are not sure about the answers

  1. What an interesting experiment you did with your friends. When I was in high school I took a shop class and we had to do a screen print on a pillow case or a t-shirt, one of our own design, I did a big red question mark on a white sweatshirt. Of course, students and teacher thought it odd but really it explained so much about me at the time. Love that you are a question mark too! Thanks for your comments on my blog.

    • Well, it´s good to know that there are more out there!! 🙂 But you know, it is a good thing that this was too long ago, when we all were very young and took things lightly. Many years later and under different circumstances, I,was in a party and somebody decided to play a game, something like one question one honest answer, and it ended up badly. Somebody said something, somebody felt hurt. I don´t know why, my best guess is that when people grow up and have a long story on their shoulders, somehow they don´t want to listen certain things.
      Thanks for stopping by!!

  2. That’s funny. When I was younger, I was always described as light and bubbly, which I thought was off the mark. These days, my best friend uses certain words to describe me – which I feel is even more off. So I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t really been that transparent and no one knows what I feel deep inside and I just act happy in people’s companies or if my friends’ have lives that also evolved in ways where their views on things have become radically different.

    • I guess that just few people get to know us in life. I´m usually smiling and people are used to telling me “I envy you, you don´t have problems” and that´s far from being true!! but I don´t go around complaining about what´s wrong in my life. And having a problem doesn´t mean that you cannot enjoy a good moment at the same time. But people see it differently.

  3. absolutely fabulous !!!!! i adore this pic ellen , so so much .. for so many reasons, technical and otherwise , its soul its emotion, its you , no pretense, and i love the shadows caught , so much my kind of pic , thanks for sharing !! 🙂 ❤

    • you would have laughed so much if you had been in that room with me that day!! the jugglings LOL I´m happy you liked it/me, so special moments, the stories behind the pictures, the feelings behind them … thanks Kel!!

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