City life ~ pirates of the streets

I had to run some errands, in fact, I didn´t have to. I offered. I didn´t want to be at the office, it was one of those days you feel like a lion in a cage?

It was rainy but I did not care. I had my newly acquired translucent umbrella, my camera inside a ziplock bag and flip-flops. What else did I need to survive the dangers of the wet streets? 

Off I went, like a brave and courageous woman. No rain would stop me, no words of discouragement would sink in, no possible danger would undermine my decision. I was determined to be out of the cage. Even if I had to battle against pirates.

Errands done, no more rain, I didn´t slide or fall or whatever. I didn´t have to fight against any pirate. And I laughed at the thought. Pirates in BA? That would be something !

Now I had some free time ahead and decided to treat myself with a nice cup of coffee. It´s very easy to find a coffee shop in that area but I was looking for some place new or original. Special in some way.

All of the sudden, I saw it. And I knew it was just perfect.  It just cracked me up.

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And instead of fighting against the pirates, I just shared with them a pint of beer!!


4 thoughts on “City life ~ pirates of the streets

  1. Thanks for sharing! What a fun and quirky adventure for the boring workday! Nice find! What are they doing? Is it an art installation? Part of a show?

    You had pirates in the streets and we just finished with the Emergency Task Force in my street….cops and pirates overrunning our lives! Yours looked friendlier than mine LOL I will get the scoop later as to what was happening in my neighbour’s house.

    Enjoy the rest of your day…and I guess you have taught us that taking that opportunity to do something different in a day can reap fun rewards 🙂

    • oh my!! what´s going on in our worlds??? maybe the Emergency task force is looking for my pirates??? LOL Hope is nothing serious in your neighborhood !!!

      The pirates are outisde (and inside too) a coffee-shop and restaurant. The waiters are dressed like pirates too!! I didn´t go inside because it was nice to be sitting outside, it was not raining and there was some nice breeze. I really needed to feel it on my face. I´m just happy that I could go out !!!

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