City life ~ Mannequin

One of the things I like about BA is that there is always something going on. And I always happen to find unusual things.

Today -again- I offered to run some errands. I wonder why I don´t look for a job as an errand-girl? Not a bad idea!

I was on my way back when I saw a long line of people waiting for … who knows? paying bills in an improvised stand in the street?  That it´s weird, at least where I live.

When I came closer I realized that they were mannequins and that the stand read “slow collect”.  Then I saw a real person taking the last place in the queue. And that  there were cameramen.

But I couldn´t find out what it was about. Now I´m curious!!

NOTE: In BA there is a chain of stores called “Fast payment”. It´s like a bank but you just can pay bills such as electricity, phone, credit cards, etc. It´s supposed to be faster than a bank but it has become so popular that sometimes you have to wait for a long time. I associate it with it. As I soon as I find out, I´ll let you know!

10 thoughts on “City life ~ Mannequin

    • Thanks for the link!! I´ll check it!! I think that in large cities such as NY or BA you never run short of funny things going on and have lots of opportunities to photograph unisual events. Thanks for stopping by!!

  1. I’m curious, too. It looks like the ticket booth in the middle of Times Square where you can go buy cheap tickets to shows.

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