Life ~ surprises

A regular Friday at work. Everybody happy because we have a long weekend ahead. The telephone barely rang so I had some extra time to do all the paperwork that I can´t when days are more hectic.

Finally, I got a phone call from one of our retailers. Not from the man I usually talk to if not another employee. We were on the phone for a while. Suddenly she asked me if I had studied at Icana and I said yes, I did. Why? She then told me her name again and I remembered exactly who she was. We had been classmates.

It was a big surprise, she said that my name was familiar but she knew who I was when she heard me laugh. We spent some time catching up, last time we saw each other was 1997!!

But then I got another surprise when she told me that in all these years, every time she had a job interview, she thought of me and remembered what I used to tell her about hunting for a job and the way to behave in the interviews. Thing is that I´ve had more jobs interviews than I can remember since I used to work as a temp and changed jobs every two months. So I was kind of expert!!

It was really unexpected but it felt good to know that my words of advice really helped her in her career and that I was present in her life even when I was not there. It was a happy ending for my Friday at work.

1997 from left to right standing Mariana, the woman who phoned and then me, with the non Halloween hat

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