life ~ grey days

What do you do when you have four full days of summer just for you and you had planned to go somewhere to lie in the sun but the sun didn´t show up and it was all cloudy and rainy?


I went out any way!!

Mornings were rainy but the sun did show up in the afternoons so I went for long walks in the city and had friends for dinner at night. I cannot complain. I stayed in bed longer than usual, did some things that needed to be done at home, catched up with some pending readings, worked on a story I´m writing, watched some old movies, all these knowing that I didn´t have to be up early the following day.

And today, the last day of leisure, with the first shiny morning in four days, I will finally have my day in the sun as planned. So off I go! See you tomorrow!!

Have a nice day!

14 thoughts on “life ~ grey days

    • well … the party is over, I have to work tomorrow and believe me, I´ll miss staying in bed longer than usual … think of the days to come and enjoy them in advance!!! double pleasure!!

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