city life ~ annoying people

Buenos Aires  is visited by people from all over the world. There are certain neighborhoods you really don´t know where you are. You hear English, French, German, Portuguese, etc and you wonder if you´ll be able to find a person who speaks your own language!!

It´s very common to find tourists taking pictures.  In general, people don´t object to that. If you ask the owner of a bar if you can take pictures of the place, he will  probably be glad you do it while he asks lots of questions such as where you are from, what places you have visited so far, if you like the city.

Today I wanted to take pictures of a restaurant from the outside and there was this waiter in the sidewalk handing out fliers, offering the executive menu. I was minding my own business, camera in hand, when this guy saw me shooting two mannequins that were at the main door. He said nothing but he walked to the door and stayed there, blocking my view. He wouldn´t move and I couldn´t take pictures.

I found it so annoying since I´m sure nobody asked him to do that. That restaurant has been photographed by hundreds of people before me and it will be after me.  I didn´t want to make a big fuss about it so I just left, thinking of coming back some minutes later. But he was still there and I had to come back to my office.

Maybe next time I have better luck. So this is the only picture I can show you (I took 3 or 4 but they are very much alike).


It´s all about Tango ...

4 thoughts on “city life ~ annoying people

    • Most of the times, the reasons are unreasonable. Once I took a picture of a very nice shop window. The guy was so rude and said he had paid a decorator and nobody had the right to steal his idea. I was confussed, I said this is a shop window, for people to see, am I right? it´s public, it´s what makes people go into your store and buy. What is the problem of photographing it then? it´s not a secret window!! I can understand when it comes to paintings or delicate objects in a museum. Or a bank, for security reasons but not for what it is out there, specially when it is meant to be shown!! Well, I rest my case 🙂

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