life ~ last days of summer

I woke up this morning feeling strangely sad. No real reason. Just that feeling. It was a rather cold windy morning announcing – maybe  – the end of the summer.

I made myself a coffee, I sat in my living room. The rolling blinds were closed, not entirely since some light coming from outside reflected on the wall in a very captivating way.

I tried to read my messages but that reflection distracted me. I didn´t want to roll up the blinds, I thought it was grey outside, I didn´t want to add a grey day to my sadness.

Strange morning. Unusual feelings for a Sunday morning. Finished my coffee, coulnd´t focus on my reading. I decided to go out for a walk. To my surprise, it was bright and shiny. And as I was walking, my mood changed too. And the sadness was left behind.

Maybe it was the idea of the summer ending, maybe it was the idea of a grey day that clouded my mind and I saw all dark and sad when it was all bright and happy. And I couldn´t help but thinking of all those times when we just don´t see the bright side and we let the darkness take over.

If we could only read the signs …


16 thoughts on “life ~ last days of summer

  1. What a beautiful photo! So full of loneliness and thought. And a perfect one to go with your insightful words. I’m glad your mood picked up. Perhaps the sadness is a necessary and good thing to add balance to life. And there is beauty in it too 🙂

    Enjoy your evening!

    • Thank you Ali !!! Enjoying the evening now … Yes, sadness is not necessarily a bad thing, at least it made me take the photo 🙂 and appreciate the rest of the day. Have a nice evening you too!!

    • Thanks!!! No, not really. Winters are pretty mild here. Temperatures range between 0 to 15 Celcious in winter but generally it´s just for a few weeks. There is no snowing, except 5 years ago, the first time in 98 years!!! and it was just one day. Of course, you never know, weather has changed so much in the last decade. We used to have 4 seasons. Now it´s like going from summer to winter to summer again with not so much change in temperature in fall and spring except for the falling leaves in fall and the blossom in spring.

    • It´s not a bad idea!!! but our winters are nothing like yours, they are more like you autmns 🙂 except that something crazy happens this year, with all the climate changes … to be honest, I´d like to visit NY in winter, I´ve never seen snow except 5 years ago, for one day, and it was not enough to make a snowman!! and it was the first year in 98 years!!! I was so happy!
      But I´m thinking of NY, more and more …

  2. I am torn as as to what season I like better – summer or winter. Winter is nice because you get to rug up and when you get a chance to sleep in the feeling is amazing. On the other hand I am a keen herper (frogs and reptiles) and summer is the best time to find these animals

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