Life ~ last day of summer

Today is the day. The last day of Summer.

I already had my summer breakfast, my summer reading and now I plan to go for my summer walk and take my summer photos because tomorrow it´ll be too late. It´ll be autumn.

Have a wonderful Summer SUNday!!!


16 thoughts on “Life ~ last day of summer

  1. Certainly does not feel like the last day of summer here. It’s been so hot today, with more hot weather predicted during the week.

    Love the moon photos! I was trying to capture the moon through the trees last night too, with no success.

    • yes, the same here in BA, I guess it is because we are at the same latitude? it´s a summer day, no doubt!
      It´s so difficult to capture the moon, specially when you don´t have the right equipment but hey! we do our best!! it´s “our” moon!!! the best thing? we saw it with our own eyes!! it´s a gift from nature !!!

  2. Today there was a procession in our village, most of the school age children participated, they made paper flowers, decorated their bikes, etc. There was also music and then we burned the Winter Man, shaped as a snowman… The complete opposite!

  3. Wonderful moon shots! I especially like the one with the heart shaped leaves silhouette. Your sadness is my elation. I’m sorry. Spring is my favorite season even though I have seasonal allergies. I enjoy every moment of new life. Will your leaves fall in autumn?

    • Hi! I love spring too and I have allergies too but it´s a wonderful season, the season of hope!!
      I guess the leaves will fall …
      Enjoy your new season!!! Glad you liked the shots!!

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