a thought ~ Monday. AGAIN?

colgando de la rama (Large Animated Bodyshot)

A never ending story, Mondays. They never miss a week. Never on strike. Never tired of being always on time.
BUT: not working today. Me. Mondays always work.

SO as I´m free I will start practicing my Jane jumps for next Monday because I expect it to be a Monday in the jungle. I wonder if I´ll get to meet a Tarzan??

BTW, have I mentioned the word Monday in this post??

6 thoughts on “a thought ~ Monday. AGAIN?

  1. Monday…no, I didn’t hear you mention that word 🙂

    I hope you’ll swing right into the arms of Tarzan!

    I’ve enjoyed your holiday shots, though I haven’t been commenting them.

    • Thanks Susu, I´m happy to hear that you followed my trip!! and liked the pictures!!!

      Let´s see where I can find my Tarzan!!! Have a nice week dear, so glad to hear from you again!!!

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