life ~ a photogenic pain

Aww. This is me on Saturday. Not a joke!!!


Funny thing, I´ve been posting some pictures on FB and my friends left comments like “love it”, “clever”, “beautiful”. None of them thought they were for real 🙂



I guess my pain is really photogenic LOL


17 thoughts on “life ~ a photogenic pain

    • I really don´t know!! Saturday morning I couldn´t move, next thing my face and neck and shoulders went numb, next thing I´m at the clinic, x-rays, collar and a doctor asking me if I was under lot of stress because of the cervical inflamation. So I´m wearing this sexy collar till tomorrow, I´ll have another x-ray to see if it got better and an idea of what to do about it. Anyway, I´m leaving on Saturday for two weeks, I´d better get better 🙂

  1. Oh no! That x-ray photo is amazing! I don’t quite know how you took that!

    But poor you! this is such a shame right before your trip. Are you in much pain? And what happened? Did you put it out sleeping on it the wrong way? You seem to be a very good sport about this…i’d be freaking out!

    This is a great chance to take it easy on the balcony and rest up in order to be ready for your holiday…..

    Get better soon!

    • Hi Ali !! I put the X-ray on the window, I went to the balcony, place the camera from inside and lots of trial and error shots till I got that one!! It was fun!!!

      I´m not in much pain right now, it´s just uncomfortable. Yep, I´m enjoying my balcony, it´s warm and windy and sunny so I cannot complain!!

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