Holidays April 2011 ~ Airports

From Buenos Aires, Argentina to Rurrenabaque, Bolivia.
Estimated time: 7 hours 15 minutes

I have to catch the first flight from Buenos Aires (Argentina) to Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia). Get to the airport, hop on the plane, go back to the boarding area an hour later, stay there … hours till the airline finally announces that the flight gest cancelled due to mechanical problems. I lose the connecting flights.


First flight on time. I´m in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. I wait for the next flight to La Paz. Delayed. Nobody knows for how long. Hours. I lose the third flight.


I cannot take an early flight, I have to take the last one. I get to Rurrenabaque late in the evening.


The most impressive thing? The alternate world, when the plane crosses an imaginary line between the real world and the imaginary world … a really peaceful one.


I would have needed just 12 hours (counting the time between connecting flights) to get to Rurrenabaque. Instead, it took me three days. I would have come and gone to and from China in that time!!


10 thoughts on “Holidays April 2011 ~ Airports

  1. What a shame it took so long! But what journey! Whatever did you do while you were waiting? did you have to wait in the airport or could you get out?


    • I had to wait since they didn´t tell us what was going on. One minute they said it was just 10 minutes, the next minute they said that we could take off in an hour, then nothing and like this. Not even a coffee while waiting!! So I stayed, met a group that was pretty fun and we chatted, then had coffee, then chatted again, walked, browsed in the free shop and things like that. Till we were informed the flight was cancelled and went back home.

      The second day I met the same group and we were old friends LOL so this time we went for a beer and some food at Santa Cruz de la Sierra airport.

      The third day I went to La Paz and walked, went to one of my favorites places for coffee and came back to the airport. There were protests everywhere, blocked streets, and the taxi I took got broken so I had to catch a minibus and I almost lose the third flight LOL

      The “airport adventure” 🙂

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