A thought ~ royalty

reina (Large Animated Bodyshot)

“Mondays will be banned from the calendars. Effective today.”

Ah!! wouldn´t it be wonderful to be a Queen and have the power to ban Mondays??


6 thoughts on “A thought ~ royalty

  1. You’d ban Mondays? But what would you replace them with? We’d either start hating Tuesdays, or need to come up with a new name for the start of the week.

    Or perhaps just have 24 hours of darkness, so we can party all weekend and then sleep for a whole day before going back to work…

    • One problem at a time LOL
      I don´t think 24 hours of darkness will work because that means 24 hours of not enjoying life. Monday is the dark day, that´s why I´d ban it. I´d replace it for an enjoyable day with another name 🙂

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