Holidays April 2011 ~ My days in Rurrenabaque

My days in Rurrenabaque were very peaceful.

During the day, I went to the swimming pool and worked on my tan. When the sun was going down, I went visit my friends in town as if I were just another old friend or neighbor. We shared gossips, thoughts, beer and pizza, laughs.

When I went for a walk with the intention of taking pictures I ran into somebody, chatted for a while and hours went by so fast that by the time we said “see you later” it was either too hot to keep walking so I went straight to the pool or it was too late to take pictures and went for a beer.

In short, lazy days, living the life of a countryside girl (woman). Absolutely enjoyable.





6 thoughts on “Holidays April 2011 ~ My days in Rurrenabaque

  1. Beautiful photos! I am so dying to go on holiday myself and live in the country (and be a countryside woman :p).

    Were there Piranhas in the river? Oooh – that’s scary.

    Another lovely trip. Hope you got a good tan!

    • Wooops – I clicked on the wrong post. The above was meant for La Pampas. Haha.

      But I read all your posts first before replying so it got kinda muddled as well – reference to countryside woman is from here.

      It’s getting hot here now as well. Would love a dip in the pool.

      • That pool was amazing, because I was alone most of the time so it was my private pool and I could swim and relax with no people around !!
        Those were nice days, no worries, no problems, just shooting the breeze with the neighbors sitting on a comfortable chair, watching people pass by !!

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