Holidays April 2011 ~ My days in La Paz

La Paz is a very strange city. It´s like a hole surrounded by mountains. Streets are very steep and you have to “climb” them instead of walking them. The traffic is crazy and you have to be very careful when crossing a street. Cars won´t stop.


When I arrived, there were protests against the government. I was in the middle of them, just by chance. I didn´t feel threatened since I´m kind of used to protests. I have plenty of them in my country. But some people just stopped me in the street saying that I should avoid the crowd, that I could be robbed. I thanked them but it was impossible to get out without running into a group of protesters.

But yes, you have to be careful in La Paz. Not because of the protests if not because of the thieves. I was sitting in the main “plaza” with my bagpak on my lap. I just had my glasses on my hands. A little girl came and looked at me. Next thing I know she was hugging me. What do you do if a little girl hugs you? It´s very sweet, isn´t it? But it is not. The little one just tried to get something out of my bagpack and as it was zipped and she could´t open it she tried to grab my glasses. I said “hey, I need my glasses to see” and she smiled and tried to reach them, sort of struggle there till I finally got up and said “get off me”.
I walked and sat somewhere else but I saw the little one with two adults from the distance. They were saying something I couldn´t hear and the girl was listening to them. Later I was told she was being trained to steal.

You have plenty of handicrafts to see and beautiful fabrics, generally very very colorful. You can spend hours and hours browsing in those stores and you never get tired of the colorful designs.




At night I went for my last meal in Bolivia. The following morning I was coming back home.

18 thoughts on “Holidays April 2011 ~ My days in La Paz

    • we are huggers and kissers so it´s not surprising, what was a surprise was the intention, very sad actually, when you think of that little girl that has all her life in front of her and she is raised to be a thief.

  1. Yes,unfortunately when you are not a local, you become a target, because they know you have at least some money (or you wouldn’t have traveled). Same everywhere I guess, but it is a little more “up close and persoanl” in many foreign countries verses the break into your car . My attempted child-pickpocketers were in Cancun, Mexico. They didn’t get anything, only because I kept my money in my FRONT pocket, NEVER in a back one, or backpack with zippers facing the back. I was lucky!

    • You travel you learn. I carry my city backpack at the front for example and never have much money in my wallet. What´s worse, people take me as a foreigner in my own country LOL so I guess that I have the travel look but I´m subject of scams 😦

  2. Great post. As in Dickens, or the musical, version some things unfortunately do not change.-grinding poverty and too few options create their own solution.
    From Oliver:
    In this life, one thing counts
    In the bank, large amounts
    I’m afraid these don’t grow on trees,
    You’ve got to pick-a-pocket or two

    You’ve got to pick-a-pocket or two, boys,
    You’ve got to pick-a-pocket or two.

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