a thought ~ a new month

bird (Large Animated Bodyshot)

I love August. It´s the month of hope. Days are longer. Spring is around the corner. Very soon the gardens will be filled with flowers and birds.

Yes, all very lovely.

But did it have to start on a Monday??? CANNOT BELIEVE IT!!!


6 thoughts on “a thought ~ a new month

  1. Spring? Where are you? Here in Canada August signals the full-fledged ‘back-to-school’ sales at all the stores, the daylight hours drawing shorter and the evenings cooling down in anticipation for fall. I wish it signaled spring here…sigh…
    Hope you have a great day. Thanks for visiting my blog.

  2. I´m on the exact opposite end of the continent 🙂 Buenos Aires (Argentina) so we have exactly the opposite weather!!
    A pleasure to read your blog, have a great day you too!! we cannot forget to have a good one 🙂

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