I had some fun in the rooftop. Enjoy it!

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6 thoughts on “Rooftop

  1. Gorgeous photos! You have conveyed some coolness in the summer heat too! I like the one of the white flower head on the ground with the zigzag pattern….and the abstract ones…And uh……how did that dog slip in there? LOL is he friend or stray? A resident’s pet?

    Thanks for sharing Ellen!

    • I like that one too!! On X-mas night, a friend and I (neither of us celebrate X-mas) met for dinner. I spent the night at her place since there were no cabs available. The following morning I quietly went to the rooftop to read a book while my friend was still sleeping. And I had my camera, of course. Only that my lens fell on the floor and got broken and only had the 70:300, not good for a full view of that beautiful rooftop, so I focused on the details at distance. Later, that big dog (I´m still uncomfortable around dogs) showed up. It was my friend´s friend, who had the keys (my friend rents two rooms to tourists so people come and go). He (Ian, the dog) was so so nice and so so obedient that I let him be with me and took some pictures. Such a sweet dog!! totally a friend! LOL

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