I´ve been given two awards since I started to write my  blog and I feel that I have to thank my two friends for such an honor and apologize for not passing the honor to other fellow bloggers.

It´s just that it´s very difficult for me, to chose. Hope you can understand.

Thanks Lisa, (Read Notes from Africa )

Thanks KJS. (Read Funky Wellies Random Thoughts )



10 thoughts on “Awards

    • Thank you!!! but I thought I had to mention it. I know it´s been a while and lot of things were going on in my life at the time, I always thought “I have to do it” but I kept procrastinating it. Well, one day is the day!!! Have a very nice weekend!!!

      • If you want to, you should do the 7-links post – even if you don’t have anybody to pass it on to. You’ve got such a lot of great travel and photography posts which really need to be seen!!! I’m sure I’ve missed some too. And I found it’s a great introduction to your blog for new readers – they get to see the best first. 🙂

        • Yes, but I´m so busy that there are times I want to cry because I´m very tired. Two days a week I leave home at 7:30 and come back at 22:00. Two days I come back at 22:30 and I only have Fridays and weekends. And right now, I´m putting in boxes and bags my parents´stuff, I have to empty the house. I spent 5 hours today. That´s why I´m not posting stories, just pictures with some comments, because I´m tired all the time.

          But yes, it´s a good idea. I guess I can do it when things get easier over here 🙂 Thanks Lisa!!!!

            • No, fortunately, it´s not all about work. I´m working longer hours right now, it´s true, because in January I have to renew the contracts for all the services and if I don´t finish it, people don´t get paid and I feel responsible, but then I´m attending a Chinese course twice a week, and it ends at 21:30 so I get home 22:30 and I´m going to the pool at night twice a week too. But thing is that there are no enough hours in the day to have everything done. Because then I have to take care of my own apartment, usual stuff, laundry, cleaning up, etc but I only have weekends and right now I´m using the weekends to empty my parental house so it´s pretty busy. I guess that february will be more relaxing, and I´ll have more time between work and my activities for all the rest. I have to survive January LOL
              Have an excellent weekend!!!

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