Blogs, travels, photography, advise, rooftop, story. The end. In that order.

Or “How did I go from meaning to post about Arequipa to post about the rooftop”

The other day I was reading a post from a fellow blogger (if you are curious about which one click here) and she posted some pictures of her trip. There was one in particular she didn`t remember exactly the place and I didn`t remember the name of the place so I promised her to send a picture to refresh her memory (and mine).
The photo in question had been taken in Arequipa and I happened to be there in 2009. It was one of the most beautiful cities (if not the most) I visited in that trip. I thought it a good idea to write about that city and show you, and especially her, the pictures.
Thing is that I`ve never found a method to organize my pictures. I tried albums, I tried CD`s or DVD`s, I tried to keep them organized somehow. But I`ve failed. Last attempt was to buy an external disk and, little by little, I`m copying all the pictures I have here and there. But I have my notebook, the computer at work, pendrives, CD`s, DVD`s and sometimes I have the same album in two or three places. It`s not that easy to copy everything in that external disk.
If somebody knows about a method that works to organize the pictures, please, share it with me. I`ll really appreciate it.
I did not find the pictures of Arequipa but I found these pictures of the rooftop at my parent`s place. They were taken in 2008 and they are not particularly beautiful or particularly good. But I`m posting them here because they are part of a story I wanted to share with you. Arequipa unrelated.

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The rooftop was a very important place of the house. My mother used to grow her plants (she had a green finger). My father used to barbecue (he was considered an expert in that area) and I used to go chat with my friends in summer, or sunbathe, or read a book or just sit there looking at the stars at night. By the year 2008, the rooftop was abandoned. My parents couldn`t go up the stairs and my task when I visited them was to water the few plants left.

But as usual, I found another reason to go to the rooftop. Photography. I had bought my first camera a few months before and I was discovering a new whole world. That rooftop was an endless source of inspiration, with all its textures and funny shapes and objects that very soon were going to disappear. My parents never understood why it took me so long to water just a few plants.
Now, seeing these pictures, I feel the need to go back and photograph it again. I know that it`s the last goodbye, that I`ll never be able to take pictures there again. The house will be sold very soon. And the new owners will start their own story.

Does it sound weird to you?

12 thoughts on “Blogs, travels, photography, advise, rooftop, story. The end. In that order.

  1. I’m not good at organizing either. But what I do and try to keep up with is burning files to a dvd and moving them to the external hardrive. It’s never a bad idea to have back up in two different places. And you can use a jumpdrive to get files from work to home so that you can burn and backup to external. That’s the best I can tell you. I archive by year, sometimes by season, for personal work. For clients, I have job envelopes and put disks in the envelope and back up to external. But still, I’m a mess. You just have to find a method that you can be disciplined with. Once I fill up the external, I’ll buy another one. I won’t erase anything off of the external drive. It’s a forever backup.

    • It seems that everybody has troubles when it comes to organize pictures!!! I bought a external disk. I started to copy the files I had in different DVD`s. Then I noticed that, for example, I had two folders with the same name but one had 10 files and the other 15, so I had to compare files. Then I decided that it was best to have them organized by year but the DVD`s were organized differently. There came a point when I didn`t have the strenght to check the files LOL I need discipline and a method and stick to it. And I do copy the files from the office but then I forget to erase them from my computer and the folder grows and again, I don`t remember what was the last file I copied!!! and I have to start all over again Thanks for your words of advice!!!!

  2. I absolutely love the rooftop pictures! “My parents never understood why it took me so long to water just a few plants.” That makes me giggle.
    I photographed things around my parents house after my mom died. The stockings she left hanging on the doorknob of her bathroom, her hair dryer, an open book on her bedside table, etc. It was important to me to have those images. I think you should definitely go back and have a goodbye and some closure with your photography. You certainly have an eye for it! Can’t wait to see them. 🙂

    • It`s a long story for just one comment but I couldn´t take pictures of the everyday life in that house. I wish I had done it but now everything is packed. I imagine you treasure those pictures, the stories they tell, the memories they hold. What you did is pure love.
      Still, I need to spend a quiet morning with my camera and go over those places I need to go, such as the rooftop!!
      Be sure I`ll be posting some of them!! Some of the plants are now in my balcony, the small ones. I gave the big ones to a neighbor because she loved them. It took me 10 days to go back to that house when my father died. Scorching hot summer. The plants were withered.. I`m so happy now that I`m seeing them getting better and greener and bigger!! Im taking pictures of them too!!
      Have a great week!!

  3. Beautiful images, and I love the stories to go with them. 🙂

    As for organizing photographs, I’m hopeless. The only thing I do with any consistency is burn the previous month’s photos to DVD at the beginning of a new month.

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