When you travel, there is always a dominant element, something that characterize the trip. Sometimes it`s about repeating numbers (I was in room 8, got seat 8, cost $8), sometimes about nationalities (everywhere I went, I run into  a Uruguayan), or a type of food (everywhere I went, I was offered fruits). This element not necessarily defines the trip but it stands out to the point that you remember it as part of the trip.

The dominant element this time was me being totally absent-minded. I was so in my own world that now that I`m back home I wonder how I could find my way back and return home safe and sound. I lost my luggage, I missed a plane, I forgot my camera on a table, my iPod on a bench and the list is long.

I don´t know if absent or focused or abstracted or distracted or if it was that I simply didn`t want to worry about any single thing, I didn´t want to be alert all the time. I guess I just had energy enough to simply “be” and relax in the place where I was at a given moment.
And it was ok. I was on holidays after all. No place for worries.

6 thoughts on “Absentminded

  1. that’s what vacations are supposed to be ~ responsibility free~~~ 🙂 you just got back from holidays, and we’re counting down the days to go…not but a few weeks left, till i’m heading to the beach….. beautiful photo ellen~ i LOVE brick walkways and roads…. i don’t see many of them around here…

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