Day one: missions, downpour, happiness

My first day in Quito and I have two missions: solve the problems related to the hard work of being an Argentine (new financial laws that left me “penniless”  abroad) and find out how to get to Galápagos, my childhood dream.

Needless to say that my second mission excited me more than my first one but the first one affected the second one. Then, as the saying goes “the last will be the first”, the last one was first and I thanked the wisdom of the popular sayings, so wise and so true.

My two missions took me the whole morning and part of the afternoon and by the time I was able to have lunch, the sky cracked open and I could experience the Ecuadorian winter which is also known as the rainy season.

And it rained till the end of the day so I got to know all the eventual shelters of the neighborhood where I was staying in.

The rain didn`t erase the big smile I had on my face though. The following day, I was going to Galápagos!

6 thoughts on “Day one: missions, downpour, happiness

  1. Oh, Ellen, that is my childhood dream too! I have wanted to go to the Galapagos since watching a Jacques Cousteau film many years ago. I cannot wait to see your pictures!!!

    • Becky, if you ever have the chance, go!!! it`s totally worth it. It`s a place where you feel you are part of the nature, just another creature of the many many that live there

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