You know your own language, maybe you are fluent in others. You know the words, their meaning. You speak, you read, you write. There are words that you use every day. There are words that you only find in poetry. There are technical words, those you recognize as belonging to a certain field of expertise but you cannot explain. There are words you love. There are words you hate. There are words you discover while doing a crossword. There are words that you haven`t “experienced” but when you do,  they get a completely new dimension in your life.

The word “biodiversity” was the one that I got the chance to experience while in Galápagos.  And now is one of those words I love. Because love is what you feel when you experience “biodiversity”. You are no longer a human being, but another creature living together with the different types of creatures that inhabit the islands. It`s a friendly atmosphere. You are not afraid. You respect and you are respected. You live and let live.

You love and you feel loved.

All the pictures I took, I did with great care. Sometimes, I simply didn`t take a picture. I just stood and observed and stayed still not to scare an animal, no to disturb them. Those pictures I can not show you. I have them in my heart.

And here are some pictures of the first friends I met the day I arrived.

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10 thoughts on “Biodiversity

  1. the photos are wonderful ellen!!! i am especially lovin’ that crab…wow, it’s beautiful… i haven’t checked my emails for a few days, been at the ER with my son the last couple of nights, so not much computer time. (nothing serious w/my son, it’s just they make us wait for HOURS in the waiting room before they check us in)… anyway, what a lovely surprise to see your new photos after finding your note in my email… thank you!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • G! hope your son is ok!!! I´ll send you an email!!
      Glad you liked the pictures, there are many more to come! but I haven`t had time to spend much time on the computer either 😦

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