Changing decades – day 1

I woke up early today. Nothing new under the sun. My Saturday routine: clean up, supermarket, laundry, cooking. My iPod calendar sent me an alert. A friend`s birthday. It´s one of the birthdays I remember without alerts (if I happen to be aware of what day is today) because it`s a month before mine. And it suddenly hit me: in exactly 30 days I`ll be changing decades. No more 40 something. I`m turning 50.

I´m not gonna lie, it kept me thinking. Thinking about my journey from day one (1962), thinking about what I`ve done so far, thinking about how fast time goes by. To make it short: thinking.

In all that “thinking” one particular thought crossed my mind: how am I going to spend my last days of being 40 something? And I came up with this idea: I`ll be “thinking positive” to welcome my 50´s with positive energy.

So here it goes, Day 1:

I cannot replace my broken lens right now but I still can have fun with my old compact.

Have a nice weekend!!!

6 thoughts on “Changing decades – day 1

    • Hi Ali !! I went to run some errands and I was just thinking of you!!! what a coincidence!!! and I came here just to write about day 4 … or 3? don´t remember LOL

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