Changing decades – day 2

I have a confession to make: I like food. It doesn`t matter how elaborated a meal is as long as it`s tasty. I love delicious flavors, heavenly aromas. Thing is that when you live alone and you work long hours and you have a social life and extra activities, you get home at night and all you dream of is some food to fill the void left by hours of not giving your stomach a treat. You have no energy for preparing “delicacies”.  A slice of pizza can do the trick.

The point is: how many pizzas can you order in a week? What`s more, how many pizzas can you put up with in a week? without raising your cholesterol level off the chart and your blood pressure through the roof?

That`s why I made it a routine to cook some healthier stuff on the weekends and freeze it for those nights I get home totally worn out. Problem solved? Partly. Because as I said before, I like food and after a while I get bored with eating the same stuff week after week. And I need to try new recipes.

The first time I try a recipe I go by the book.  As time goes by I add my personal touch to it. Sometimes it improves the original recipe, other times it doesn`t. Nowadays it`s all about replacing salt with species and find a way to replace those things that put my cholesterol level at risk with something as tasty, but  cholesterol free.

And here comes Day 2 of PT:

Today I spent some www time looking for foods that help reduce my high levels of …everything! and I made a plan in hopes of seeing the results in three months when I`m tested again. I´m sure it´ll help.

4 thoughts on “Changing decades – day 2

  1. Those are lovely photos! Trying to eat better is a worthy PT endeavour. It does take a lot of work but can be a journey of discovery!

    I will email you a healthy recipe to go with this entry…..

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